Filling machine for aggressive liquids

The aggressive liquid dosage and filling unit is made of the high molecular weight polypropylene; its capacity is 800 - 2000 bottles per hour


Highly Chemical Resistant Fittings and Pumps

The products are intended for use with aggressive and neutral liquids and gases in the following industries: basic chemicals, chemical processing,   pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, maize processing, dairy processing, non-alchocolic beverages, alcoholic beverages, celulosis and paper, textile, energy and chemical treatment of water, waste water purification, watersupply, paints and varnishes,  detergents and washing agentse ...


Stable fire-fighting systems

Above-ground hydrant, Foam pot, Roof cooling nozzles, Water curtain nozzle, Foam diverters, Spray water nozzles, Stable nozzles for heavy air foam, Electromagnetic diaphragm valves



Polyethylene separators Euro - norm EN 858, for underground installation, with integrated sludge separator, with safety float against the spilling of mineral oil calibrated for fluid density 0.85 to 0.95 g/cm3, with coalescent filter that allows the residual oil content to be lower than 5 mg/l which is maximum allowed according to DIN EN 858.


Three-piece ball valves

Simple construction and operation, a small installation space compared to the other valves, fast opening and closing by rotating the handle in 90°, a circular cross section with a full or narrow passage, a very small hydraulic resistance because there is no turning of flow line of the fluid, baukasten principle of building - easy maintenance and reduced cost of stocking spare parts, various material combinations offer the possibility of wide area of application.


Chemical centrifugal pumps

The pumps are primarily intended for transmission of bases, acids, salt solutions and all other aggressive liquids the main pump material is resistant to. They can also be used for non-aggressive liquids (organic compounds, water and other)


Two-piece ball valves

Two-piece ball valves with thread fit for nominal pressure PN 16, 25, 40 and 63, and at the request of the customer we produce PN 100 i 160 as well as Class 150, 300, 600, 800, 900, 1500. Operating temperature is limited by applying teflon (PTFE) as a sealing material up to max. 200°C. The area of application is very broad, so it includes their application and installation in the lines with non-aggressive and aggressive fluids in consultation with the manufacturer.


Regulators without auxiliary energy

Regulator without auxiliary energy or pressure reducing valve for steam, water and gases, is applied in lines and plants under pressure to reduce the pressure of fluid flow. Pressure reducing valves can be used as individual, standalone components or as part of pressure reducing stations.


Control valves

Materials: W.Nr.1.0619; W.Nr.1.4581; W.Nr.1.4408. Nominal pressures: DIN PN 16, 25, 40, 63, 100, 160. ANSI Class 150, 300, 600, 900. Nominal sizes: DN 15 - 300. Application: the processing industry for all aggressive and non-aggressive fluids up to 400º C.


Chemical centrifugal pump


Impeller, pump housing and other pump elements , which are or may be in contact with the transmission fluids, are made of W.Nr. 1. 4581 or W. Nr. 1.4571.

Technical specification

Connection type
Connection type is marked in the pump designation with a letter P for flanges in accordance with EN 1092-1, and a letter N for Rd- thread connections in accordance with EN 10266-1

Electric motor drive
The pumps are equipped with electric motor, having IP54 type of mechanical protection; they can also be supplied with Exe IIAT 3 ex protection or with any other requested explosion protection.

Pump choice

If a customer can choose a pump in accordance with the flow and head diagrams, then the customer only needs to state the connection type designation and the seal type number.

Chemical centrifugal pumpsFor example: Chemical centrifugal pump with thread connections without additional cooling of the mechanical seal PIB-42.N3. Please note that the flow and head diagrams are obtained by water testing. If our standard pumps do not meet the requirements of our clients (due to the electric motor, seal, connection joints, etc.), this should be mentioned in the inquiry. We will do our best to solve the problem by modifying the existing pump designs or by making new special designs. If a set of spare parts is ordered with a pump, the set number should be quoted.

Set I - 1 off mechanical seal and 9 other seals in the impeller.

Set II - Set I plus. This set is for our customers who have a large number of our pumps in their plants. It contains 5 mechanical seals and 13 seals for the impeller.

Set III - Set I plus pump rotating part , including a shaft and a shaft nut, a rotor and a rotor nut.

Set IV - Set II plus a rotor and rotor tightening nut. This set is for customers who have many of our pumps in use.

TypeDNBody ConnectorRotor Type
 IntakeThrustFlange (P)Thread (N)OpenClosed
CHP-11 20 20 x x   x
CHP-12 25 25 x x   x
CHP-13 25 25 x x   x
CHP-13-1 25 32 x   x  
CHP-13-2 25 32 x   x  

Chemical centrifugal pumps - Standard design

TypeHeadFlowElectro motorABCDELL1ENL2ØJ
H MPaQ m3/hPowerRPMThrustIntake
P KWn r/min.
CHP-11 0,15 2 1 2770 684 308 152 280 77 330 70 20 20 85 18
CHP-12 0,20 5 1,85 2830 695 334 152 280 90 330 70 25 25 85 18
CHP-13 0,30 3 1,85 2830 696 334 152 280 90 380 70 25 25 85 18
CHP-13-1 0,32 6,3 2,2 290 670 310 152 280 72 380 70 25 32 85 18
CHP-13-2 0,28 6,3 1,85 2830 670 310 152 280 72 380 70 25 32 85 18

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